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Cities & Economics

Cities & Economics

My high-level interests are in cities and the economic activity that happens within them. I enjoy being able to work in and contribute to the planning of major city-shaping infrastructure projects, including transit systems, light rail, highways, active transport and urban renewal developments.

Transport Modelling & Planning

Transport Modelling & Planning

I am an ambitious transport modeller and planner, with recent experience providing technical and commercial advice on transport infrastructure and property/urban development projects of varying scale and complexity throughout Australia.

Data, GIS & Software

Data, GIS & Software

New technologies are changing society. I combine my engineering and consulting experience with data analytics, GIS and programming. I enjoy learning increasingly more about these fields and applying it to produce innovation solutions.

About me


Currently I’m a Manager in PwC’s Strategic Transport Modelling team, based in Brisbane, Australia. I have 5 years of experience in professional services and engineering roles, including transport modelling and planning, infrastructure advisory and data analytics.

My recent experience includes providing technical and commercial advice on transport infrastructure, major events transport and property/urban development projects of varying scale and complexity for both public and private clients throughout Australia.

I have also been a Co-Founder of a tech start-up, CommmercePipe, which is in the big data and fin-tech industries. CommercePipe’s aim was to aggregate publicly available information sources including government open data, social media, news and company websites to form an extensive database of Australian businesses for sales, due diligence and risk management purposes.

Professionally, my key skills include transport and traffic modelling, data analytics, transport planning, infrastructure, light rail, business cases, cost-benefit analysis, multi-criteria analysis, python programming, APIs, GIS, business development and project management.



Transport is a fascinating field to be working in. Everyone has an interaction with the transport system, usually multiple times each daily, whether it be the daily commute, being stuck in traffic, a plane flight to go on holiday, or the reliance businesses have on a functioning freight network. Therefore it is a field with wide spanning impacts. It is also challenging; most urban centres around the world have congestion problems, and a shortfall in funding to construct the needed infrastructure. Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the raise of the sharing economy (e.g. Uber & delivery services) have potential to disrupt the transport market. Not to mention the mere challenges associated with increasing urbanisation globally. In this environment, the modelling and planning of transport solutions for the coming decades is extremely interesting and intellectually stimulating. This is what gets me inspired.

Data, Software & GIS

The fields of data and software fascinate me. We live in an era where these technologies are changing society rapidly. My interests started out in building websites and attempting my own startups such as CommercePipe. GIS (Geographic Information Systems) creates an intersection between the real world and the digital world, and has many applications in the transport and infrastructure business, hence its one of main interests currently.


I graduated from the The University of Queensland, Australia holding a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with First Class Honours. My final Grade Point Average (GPA) was 6.641 out of 7.

During my studies, my key achievements included:
– Winner of the Engineers Australia ‘The Best of Civil Engineering Student Research Topic’ presentation competition for Thesis into “Confined Propagation Buckling of Pipelines”
– University of Queensland Excellence Scholarship (2010-13)
– Queensland Resources Council Scholarship (2010-13)
– RWH Hawken Scholars Program (2011-13)
– Emmanuel College Scholarship (2010)
– Dean’s Commendation for High Achievement (every semester)
– Selected by UQ alumni as a ‘Class of 2013 UQ Future Leader’

Whilst my degree has well-prepared me for my current line of work, I consider myself to be a lifelong learner – I enjoy picking up new skills, which I can do quickly. Demonstrating this, I’ve undertaken a diverse range of other studies in data analytics, digital marketing and programming. My main software & data skills include Tableau, Alteryx, Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NoSQL databases, JSON, APIs, HTML, JavaScript, machine learning, GIS, GeoJSON, leaflet.js, WordPress.

I have also worked in the higher education sector as a Civil Engineering tutor for a range of courses during my degree.

Other Interests

As an extension of my passion for building and planning cities, I enjoy travelling and exploring new cities. Some of my favourite places I have been recently include the USA (particularly San Francisco, New York and New Orleans), Cuba, Japan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bali, London, Amsterdam, Mexico and Switzerland.

Together with my girlfriend Rhianna, I also enjoy going @_on_the_hunt for good food, coffee, beer and wine.


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National Road Safety Week 2018 – Queensland Road Crash Statistics

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Transport Network Impacts of AVs and Emerging Technologies

Transport Network Impacts of AVs and Emerging Technologies

On Wednesday 28th March 2018, it was great to have the opportunity to speak and be a panellist at the Property Leaders Brisbane event ‘Autotropolis – City Changing Responses to Automated Transport’ hosted by our PwC Australia Real Estate Advisory Team at our Brisbane Office. The event received a great turnout with over 170 registered […]

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Google Maps Travel Tool

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Today, I finally got around to doing something that I had been meaning to do for quite a while! That thing is creating a GitHub repo for a little software tool I made a few months ago, which I’ve now dubbed as my “Google Maps Travel Tool“. If you want to cut to the chase, […]